Sunday, June 24, 2007

In The Continuum..of kindness

This play had caught my eye when I saw it listed in The Reader. I was intrigued not so much by the subject matter but by the fact that two women play several characters, and carry the entire show. The reviews were outstanding. This morning they interviewed the two actresses (who had also written and originated the roles) on NPR, and when I heard pieces of their performances I knew I had to go.

Problem was, it was the last day, and the final show, a matinee, started in two hours. The box office was no longer selling online, and the phones weren't open on the weekend (I know). So I decided to take my chances: one of the benefits of going to plays alone is that you can usually get a seat, even if the show is sold out.

It was sold out. And there were no stray single seats. As I turned away from the window, the woman behind me asked if I needed a ticket. Turns out she and her husband had an extra, and she wanted to give it to me. Would not accept payment.

"People here have been very good to me, so I like to do the favor for others," she said.

The show was amazing, and the acting was beyond incredible. It was very, very moving, without being manipulative. Highly recommended.

Here's the NPR piece, including audio.

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