Thursday, May 3, 2007

Holy Drop and Roll!

They were filming parts of the latest Batman movie in the abandoned post office across the street from my office building. This huge behemoth has been empty for a long time, apparently the result of changing views on building function (i.e., it should) and on asbestos (i.e., there shouldn't be any, particularly all over the walls).

Big and very Gotham City-esque, it's a natural. So our analysts watched from their offices as stunt men zipped down guy wires from neighboring skyscrapers to its roof. Naturally people were curious, and by the time I decided to check out the scene (and Heath Ledger), they'd posted people on either side of the bridge that the building spans to keep us Nosy Parkers away. Harumph.

So I was a little smug when they managed to accidentally set the roof of this concrete-and asbestos building on fire one day.

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