Sunday, March 18, 2007

What would Jesus/Buddha/Barack Obama do?

I realized today that many people who don't know me sometimes mistake my emotional expressiveness and my tendency to be fiery for some kind of instability. On the other hand, people who do know me tend to like me for the very fact that I am expressive and colorful, and they know that my openness with them signifies a sort of love and trust. I also find that many people are simply put at ease by my directness and lack of reserve.

I'm not sure what to do with this. Part of me wonders whether I should be more mindful, hold myself more in check so as not to scare off the more timid, to understand that strong emotion, the easy baring of one's soul, can be intimidating and awkward for those of a more restrained temperament, and presents a barrier to them truly getting to know me, a well-grounded person of deep empathy and kindness with a huge capacity for love and sensitivity.

The other part of me wants to tell people that it wouldn't kill them to allow themselves a stong honest emotion once in awhile, and to stop being such judgmental fucking pussies.

A dilemma, truly.

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