Wednesday, February 7, 2007

This is Why I'm Losing My Mind.

G: All dead deals are coded to these codes.

Me: So all dead deals use these codes? So if someone indicates that this is a dead deal, I just use these codes every time?

G: Yes.

Today, reviewing my coding:

G: You used the wrong codes on these invoices.

Me: they're deal deals. I used the codes for Dead Deals.

G: Yes, these are dead, but they're Development.

Me: I took notes that say that all dead deals use the same codes.

G: They do. But this is Development.

Me: So all dead deals don't use the same codes.

G: Yeah, they do. Unless it's Development.


G: I see you used a Property Number. Are you sure the Pursuit Cost number is inactive?

Me: You said that a Property number supercedes a Pursuit Cost number.

G: It does. Unless the Pursuit Cost number is still active, in which case you use that.

Me: And how will I know that it's inactive?

G: It will be grayed out on that screen if it's inactive.

Me: OK. So if a Property number exists on this other spreadsheet, I need to check in this database to make sure that any Pursuit Cost number previously associated with this is inactive, which I can ascertain by seeing whether it's grayed out.

G: Exactly.

LATER. After contacting a regional accountant about an inactive Pursuit Cost number on a property that has no Property Number, and after being told that the Pursuit Cost number should be active, I emailed G to have her cross-check for me.

G: The Pursuit Cost Number is active.

Me: Where are you seeing this? Keep that screen open.
(I walk to her desk.)

Me: It's grayed out.

G: Where?

Me: HERE. (jabbing my finger at the screen.)

G: Oh, no that doesn't matter. You have to look here (points to another field) to see what the status reads. Being grayed out doesn't make a difference.

I thanked her and walked the perimeter of the floor three times to calm down.


Sven said...

My useless ex-assistant was just promoted to a senior position. You have nothing to complain about.

JC said...

Well, then, why don't you quit a third time. Like my breakups, it's the charm.