Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I don't know how I can be more clear than I've been in the past, but let me try it again:

Leave me alone.

Your attempts at communication are unwelcome. I have blocked your phone number and email. I have ignored your work-around attempts. Whatever delusions you harbor that you are somehow going to wear me down, convince me that you should be in my life, need to be set aside. Now.

Coming to my home did not impress me; it disturbed and outraged me. Your persistence in following a course of action that I have repeatedly made clear  is unwelcome is not endearing or impressive; it is disturbed. Hear me: I am not interested in any kind of relationship with you, friendship or otherwise. It has been six years. Let it fucking GO.

 I am looking into what legal recourse I have to address this stalking. If forced to, I will contact your ex-wife and offer to testify to a family court that you are demonstrating unstable behavior. Your call.

Any responses or persistence in ignoring this warning will be recorded and used to build my case. This is my final warning.

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